As you may or may not know, I LOVE to read blogs and check out flickr. There are so many inspiring photos of things I would like to make, and was inspired to sew. After months of inactivity, the sewing machine was hauled out to make this


I ordered gorgeous, yummy fabric earlier this week, but did not get it in the mail in time for weekend crafting. So I dug through my scraps of fabric left over from last summer’s bag making marathon. I don’t know why I never thought to sew a pillow before because it was relatively easy and completely fun. I loved doing the patchwork so much that I then made this

table 005

My table was really looking dull and drab so this perks it right up. I am looking around the house with new eyes, thinking of all of the things I can cover in patchwork. I have an old bench moldering away in the bedroom with some seriously ugly maroon velvet upholstery. Next project may be a patchwork cover. You may be be seeing some before and after photos. Who doesn’t love a good makeover?


zinnias 004

Remember my idea of having a pink and green garden?  Here are the zinnias from that grew from the packet labeled pink zinnias. Am I mad? No way! I love the mix of colors.

zinnias 001Isn’t this orange scrumptious. There is no way I could have mixed these colors the way that mother nature did.

zinnias 002

I have to admit I can take very little credit for the growing of these beauties. Other than buying the seeds and potting soil, Becky has been the gardener this summer. She has planted and watered these zinnias to the peak of perfection. I am so glad she has a green thumb!

This weekend was the kind of weekend you hate to see end. We went to a Tribe game on Friday night. We started the evening with dinner at Local Heroes, which is across the street from Progressive Field. They serve the best fish tacos, especially good with a beer from Great Lakes Brewery. We kind of sped through dinner, because the game was starting soon. As we were paying the tab, we noticed the on the sports channel that game was under a rain delay. What? The skies were perfectly blue and gorgeous when we went into the restaurant.

So we walked to ballpark and found our seats.


And  the rain decided to start


not sure if you can see in the photo, but it was belting down. Luckily our seats were under a overhang, so we stayed nice and dry.

tribe4Finally the tarps were rolled up and it was time to play ball.

sliderEven though the Tribe lost to The Yankees, it was a fun night.

Saturday was definitely a girls’ day. We started the morning at Aveda getting hair cuts and trims, and then decided to head to Brio for brunch. This is what we ordered


Sweet potato hash with grilled salmon, poached egg and bernaise sauce. Every single mouthful was scrumptious, and I would have licked the plate if I weren’t out in public.


This is Becky’s favorite. Grilled salmon over angel hair pasta with tomatoes and asparagus. Delicious.

After lunch we went to the bookstore and then headed over to the yarn store.


I think this is one of my favorite shops. It is so quaint and is in an area of restored historic buildings. Here is another shop that sells pretty decorative home items.


I am a total sucker for old and historic buildings, and wish that there were more places like this in my area. Most of our area is new and modern with shopping malls and freeways. I love the idea of small towns with historic buildings and town squares.

This is what I bought

bookThe book is Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. It is now out in paperback and a little more budget friendly. Lots of great projects that work up quickly. After I finish the Clapotis, I will let you know what I decide to work on.

The yarn is Trekking XXL which I have seen knitted into fabulous socks on Ravelry. The colors are gorgeous, but socks might have to wait til fall.

The rest of Saturday was spent looking at my new book and knitting my Clapotis. Perfect.


This is my third attempt at making the famous “Clapotis” scarf. The yarn was purchased last weekend at the Sheep and Wool show, and I thought the Clapotis would be the perfect project for it. I pulled out my pattern (which I printed on February 6, 2006) and set to work.  I love the colorway of this yarn. It reminds me of a rainbow, and I think it will look pretty with my black coat this winter. The yarn is fingering weight, and I am knitting on size 4 needles, so I may not have it done til the snow flies. The pattern is easy to remember, and is a great TV watching project.

Becky and I were up for a mini road trip and decided to go to a sheep and wool show about an hour from our house. Music in the car was provided by the new Green Day CD. It was a bit incongruous listening to punk music while riding through the country side.

We weren’t sure what to expect at something called a sheep and wool show, but were delighted at what we found.

There were animals:


goatI tried to get photos of the sheep, but the lighting in the barn was not so good. I think that the sheep were for sale, and I didn’t realize that they could get so large. Does anyone know how many skeins of yarn you get from one sheep? We also thought it was ironic that they would serve lamb at this kind of event.

And there was yarn:




hand dyed


cottons and wools


indigo dyed


boucles and all varieties of colors. There was also an abundance of wool for spinning and dyeing. It was interesting to see the wool being spun, but I think I would rather spend my crafting time actually knitting or crocheting a project. It was tough deciding what to bring home. Since I didn’t have a project in mind, I bought a skein of multi-color fingering weight that could turn into socks,  a shawl or a pillow.

Here’s what is blooming in the pink and green garden this morning

azaleaazaleas are in bloom by the side of the house. It blooms every year, but hasn’t grown much. I am thinking about relocating this little beauty in the fall.


peony2and my peonies are just starting to bloom, right on time-they bloom every memorial day weekend. Love the colors, love the scent.

Off to a memorial day picnic/birthday party this afternoon. Looking forward to being outside, eating yummy food and visiting with family. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.

mom1I know it’s been a week since Mother’s Day, but couldn’t resist sharing a few photos of the past weekend. I love all of the pink that was bestowed on my Mom, who deserved to have the best Mother’s Day ever. (LOve you Mom!). I love the pink Gerbera Daisies, and check out the tin that they came in.

The gift bag was from Becky to my Mom. Want to see what she gave her?

socksNow I may be biased, but is Becky the sweetest granddaughter ever. A pair of super cozy, super stripy, gorgeous socks hand knit by her.She is an amazing knitter, and gave me a refresher course so I could start crocheting again.

We had a wonderful day at my Mom’s house, eating and chatting and crocheting…

crochetHere is the start of what was going to be my version of Lucy’s Attic 24 bag. However, it grew exceedingly large and i ripped it back and it is now waiting to be made into a pillow. Now that I kind of know what I am doing, I have started another bag and it is going to be super cute and can’t wait to finish it. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

P.S. I have developed a blisted on my finger from so much crocheting :).

Heading off tomorrow on a girls road trip to Ikea.  It takes about 2  hours to get to the closest store, so it should be an adventure and a lot of fun. Will share what I find during the week!


Lately I have not been feeling at all crafty. I usually have a knitting project going, and have had the same pair of socks on the needles for months. Scrapbooking isn’t inspiring me at the moment and I have started a crochet pillow, but have only done a few rounds.

So, what HAVE I been doing? I have discovered the glorious world of british blogs, my favorite being www.attic24. Ever since the reading the book “The Shell Seekers” I have been a bit obsessed with all things British. The blogs I have discovered are full of yarn, baking, gardens, cottages and all of the cozy and domestic  goodness I associate with living in England.

I can spend hours browsing these blogs, dreaming of new projects, different ways to decorate and things I would like to bake. And that’s just the problem, I do spend hours in blogland instead of actually knitting or sewing or baking or taking photos. So for now, blog reading is my hobby.

My official excuse is that I am getting inspiration for future projects.


“Everything I Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten” is so true. Remember the fun of planting seeds in decorated cups for mothers day, and the thrill when the seeds sprouted? Becky absolutely is still thrilled with this idea and insisted on buying more seeds for the pink and green garden. We are really excited about the chartruese! zinnias. Becky decided the Canterbury Bells will give the garden a more “English cottage” look. I think I agree. If the painted daisies grow, I think they would look great in containers.

soilplantI don’t think you entirely outgrow wanting to play with dirt.

sophieSophie decided to help by chewing on any small pieces of wood she could find in the yard.

I am really excited to see how the experiment goes and hope we will be knee deep in flowers all summer long!


This is the start of my brilliant idea to have a pink and green garden this year. I ordered three hydrangea plants from qvc that arrived last week, and are finally planted. They are much smaller than anticipated, so I really hope they grow.


Becky and I bought seeds at Target that are for the  most part pink. Zinnias, morning glories and sweet peas.  So far the zinnias and morning glories have sprouted. Like my pink toenails?


I bought gladiolus bulbs at Lowe’s, and planted them today.  I am envisioning the border to look like Lilly Pulitzer fabric come to life.


I already have hostas growing in the border. I love hostas! This is the one plant I have been unable to kill with my brown thumb.


My bleeding heart is doing OK too. It is huge and has lots of hearts on it. It loves the spring, but doesn’t look this lovely during the summer.


I think this plant is called sweet woodruff or something like that. It has these adorable white flowers during the spring, but will provide the green for the pink and green that will hopefully flourish during the summer.

I am really looking forward to seeing how these plants come together during the summer, and am keeping my fingers crossed that I planted the gladiolus bulbs correctly.

I also have peonies that are various shades of pink, and bloom right around Memorial Day. Now all I have to do is keep everything watered, add some mulch and keep the weeds at bay.

I have been determined to try my hand at digital scrapbooking and really have wanted to use photoshop. Here is my very first digital layout

summerlayoutThanks to the help of my resident computer geek, I finished this in about a half an hour. I hope that when I sit down to make another layout, I remember all the tips and tricks that he gave me.