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Lately I have not been feeling at all crafty. I usually have a knitting project going, and have had the same pair of socks on the needles for months. Scrapbooking isn’t inspiring me at the moment and I have started a crochet pillow, but have only done a few rounds.

So, what HAVE I been doing? I have discovered the glorious world of british blogs, my favorite being www.attic24. Ever since the reading the book “The Shell Seekers” I have been a bit obsessed with all things British. The blogs I have discovered are full of yarn, baking, gardens, cottages and all of the cozy and domestic¬† goodness I associate with living in England.

I can spend hours browsing these blogs, dreaming of new projects, different ways to decorate and things I would like to bake. And that’s just the problem, I do spend hours in blogland instead of actually knitting or sewing or baking or taking photos. So for now, blog reading is my hobby.

My official excuse is that I am getting inspiration for future projects.


I have been determined to try my hand at digital scrapbooking and really have wanted to use photoshop. Here is my very first digital layout

summerlayoutThanks to the help of my resident computer geek, I finished this in about a half an hour. I hope that when I sit down to make another layout, I remember all the tips and tricks that he gave me.

The question that strikes fear into me almost everyday. To solve this problem, I made this.


It’s a cute little 6×6 three ring binder by Bo-Bunny Press. This is my title page and I also included divider pages.


I created a template in Microsoft word, and started typing in my recipes.


I decided to only include tried and true family recipes, and added comments about where the recipe came from and who’s favorite it is.

I had so much fun making this that I made one for Tricia for her birthday.

The idea was inspired by Album Shortcuts by Simple Scrapbooks, and a post by Cathy Zielske on her blog. Great idea and lots of fun to make.

In my never ending quest to find organizational nirvana, I picked up a copy of The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker. After reading it from cover to cover I realized that most of the supplies I was hoarding really didn’t fit my personal style. So I decided it was time to organize my scrap space.

Lest you think I am blessed with room solely dedicated to scrapbooking bliss, my space consists of two rolling carts and my dining room table. After spending a week going through the chaos that has taken over my dining room, I now have these.


I can’t tell you how happy these little bins make me. These were inspired by Beth Proudfoots’s studio. I have 10 of these bins, each dedicated to it’s own color, and are stored 2 to a drawer in one of my rolling carts. I have one extra cart for letters, and in the other cart I have my cardstock and pattern paper, which I am still trying to organize.

I found a large and basket and filled it with the tools I use almost every time I scrap.


Love the ideas in this book, and until I get a space all to myself, I’m liking my space much better.