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So, I have been away from blogging since September. Bills needed to be paid and a full time job was found.


I have decided that all work and no play makes me a very cranky person.


I like to sew and knit

lotsofpix-2411and scrapbook,  but have devoted little or no time to these hobbies.

I hope that by working on my blog I can motivate myself to do something a little bit creative for at least a few minutes each day.



“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” Jane Austen

I love Jane Austen and I totally agree that there is nothing like being at home. I am a homebody at heart. I love puttering around the house, trying to keep things organized and all of the pursuits that can make a house a home. Spending time with family, decorating, cooking and most of all the hobbies that bring me pleasure.

In knitting news, I finished these


Look! The stripes match. Major accomplishment for me. I’m not crazy about the 2×2 rib though. Being the knitting scaredy cat that I am, I was afraid to deviate from the pattern I was following. But at least they’re done, and they are kind of cute.

Now I am working on


I’m feeling a little braver and am knitting these in a 3×1 rib, which I am liking much better. This yarn also has more of a “wooly” feel and am liking the way this is knitting up.

Happy Monday!

Another day of freezing weather. Becky got a much wanted snow day, even though we didn’t get much snow. Just lots of wind and really cold temperatures. Decided to beat the winter blahs by heading over to Crocker Park. Becky got her haircut-really super cute. Stopped at Trader Joe’s for snacks and bought myself some yellow roses. They didn’t fair well on the way home, but they’re still pretty. Stopped at the yarn shop and bought sock yarn. Bright red with stripes. Can’t wait to get started on that pair. Note to self: finish the pair you’re working on. Found these for $5.00 on clearance


Aren’t they cute?