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Wow. I haven’t posted a single thing since October…

Here’s the dining room table decked out in all things cute and springlike. Becky baked and decorated the cookies yesterday. Everything on the table for the most part is from the dollar spot at Target

Target is a total budget buster. I go in to buy toilet paper and paper towels, and leave with cute table runners and Liberty of London umbrellas and totebags.

It is 80 degrees today, which is so rare for springtime in C-town. The neighborhood has sprung back to life after the long winter. I can hear lots of raking and sweeping and birds singing. I am always amazed at how much debris we rake from our postage stamp sized yard. Daffodils are in bloom, and peonies are starting to sprout. I wonder if it safe to move them? They are so beautiful in bloom, but take up a large amount of sunny garden real estate.

Wishing you a Happy Easter and a wonderful Spring!