As you may or may not know, I LOVE to read blogs and check out flickr. There are so many inspiring photos of things I would like to make, and was inspired to sew. After months of inactivity, the sewing machine was hauled out to make this


I ordered gorgeous, yummy fabric earlier this week, but did not get it in the mail in time for weekend crafting. So I dug through my scraps of fabric left over from last summer’s bag making marathon. I don’t know why I never thought to sew a pillow before because it was relatively easy and completely fun. I loved doing the patchwork so much that I then made this

table 005

My table was really looking dull and drab so this perks it right up. I am looking around the house with new eyes, thinking of all of the things I can cover in patchwork. I have an old bench moldering away in the bedroom with some seriously ugly maroon velvet upholstery. Next project may be a patchwork cover. You may be be seeing some before and after photos. Who doesn’t love a good makeover?