Becky and I were up for a mini road trip and decided to go to a sheep and wool show about an hour from our house. Music in the car was provided by the new Green Day CD. It was a bit incongruous listening to punk music while riding through the country side.

We weren’t sure what to expect at something called a sheep and wool show, but were delighted at what we found.

There were animals:


goatI tried to get photos of the sheep, but the lighting in the barn was not so good. I think that the sheep were for sale, and I didn’t realize that they could get so large. Does anyone know how many skeins of yarn you get from one sheep? We also thought it was ironic that they would serve lamb at this kind of event.

And there was yarn:




hand dyed


cottons and wools


indigo dyed


boucles and all varieties of colors. There was also an abundance of wool for spinning and dyeing. It was interesting to see the wool being spun, but I think I would rather spend my crafting time actually knitting or crocheting a project. It was tough deciding what to bring home. Since I didn’t have a project in mind, I bought a skein of multi-color fingering weight that could turn into socks,  a shawl or a pillow.

Here’s what is blooming in the pink and green garden this morning

azaleaazaleas are in bloom by the side of the house. It blooms every year, but hasn’t grown much. I am thinking about relocating this little beauty in the fall.


peony2and my peonies are just starting to bloom, right on time-they bloom every memorial day weekend. Love the colors, love the scent.

Off to a memorial day picnic/birthday party this afternoon. Looking forward to being outside, eating yummy food and visiting with family. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.