This is the start of my brilliant idea to have a pink and green garden this year. I ordered three hydrangea plants from qvc that arrived last week, and are finally planted. They are much smaller than anticipated, so I really hope they grow.


Becky and I bought seeds at Target that are for the  most part pink. Zinnias, morning glories and sweet peas.  So far the zinnias and morning glories have sprouted. Like my pink toenails?


I bought gladiolus bulbs at Lowe’s, and planted them today.  I am envisioning the border to look like Lilly Pulitzer fabric come to life.


I already have hostas growing in the border. I love hostas! This is the one plant I have been unable to kill with my brown thumb.


My bleeding heart is doing OK too. It is huge and has lots of hearts on it. It loves the spring, but doesn’t look this lovely during the summer.


I think this plant is called sweet woodruff or something like that. It has these adorable white flowers during the spring, but will provide the green for the pink and green that will hopefully flourish during the summer.

I am really looking forward to seeing how these plants come together during the summer, and am keeping my fingers crossed that I planted the gladiolus bulbs correctly.

I also have peonies that are various shades of pink, and bloom right around Memorial Day. Now all I have to do is keep everything watered, add some mulch and keep the weeds at bay.