In my never ending quest to find organizational nirvana, I picked up a copy of The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker. After reading it from cover to cover I realized that most of the supplies I was hoarding really didn’t fit my personal style. So I decided it was time to organize my scrap space.

Lest you think I am blessed with room solely dedicated to scrapbooking bliss, my space consists of two rolling carts and my dining room table. After spending a week going through the chaos that has taken over my dining room, I now have these.


I can’t tell you how happy these little bins make me. These were inspired by Beth Proudfoots’s studio. I have 10 of these bins, each dedicated to it’s own color, and are stored 2 to a drawer in one of my rolling carts. I have one extra cart for letters, and in the other cart I have my cardstock and pattern paper, which I am still trying to organize.

I found a large and basket and filled it with the tools I use almost every time I scrap.


Love the ideas in this book, and until I get a space all to myself, I’m liking my space much better.